Frequently Asked Questions


Can a pellet stove be installed without chimney? 
No. Any device that generates combustion requires a vent to the outside 

Is it possible to use wood, paper or other material as a fuel? 
No. Inside the tank can be placed exclusively pellets. Any other material, of varying size and dimension, may cause a malfunction. 

Where should I store the pellets before placing it in the tank? 
The pellets should be stored in a dry place away from moisture. Using wet or damp pellet may cause undesired operation. 

Do i need to clean the stove? 
Yes. Olimpia Splendid suggests a simple daily cleaning (removing the ashes from and cleaning the door glass) and a more depth seasonal cleaning, generally carried out by our authorized Service Centers. 
What is the advantage of a pellet stove compared to a traditional wood-burning stove?
A pellet stove ensures greater autonomy time without supervision and without the need of a constant charge. Thanks to the digital panel, the amount of pellet to be dosed can be programmed and supplied automatically into the hearth.
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